Simulace olomouckých tramvají do hry MSTS


The Czech REAL tram route = add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS)


MSTS MHD OLOMOUC is a simulation of the tram transport in Olomouc city (in the Czech Republic). If you want to experience service as a driver at DPMO (Olomouc City Transport Company) the route is perfect for you. This add-on for the MSTS game offers diverse activities (=missions) of various difficulty inspired by real situations. You can drive all vehicles (with real cabs) plus one historical tram which are used in Olomouc these days. For more information about ordering of MSTS MHD OLOMOUC go here.

Your MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator) version has to be upgraded with MSTS Bin (1.7 or 1.8) software to ensure the right function of the MSTS MHD Olomouc route!!


The route uses it´s own GLOBAL (system of tracks) - X-tracks version (GLOBAL is on the DVD). It cannot be combinated with other track systems for the right function of the route.



                     Version: 01.1/08                                                Version: 01.2/10



  • Pikku for creating fantastic models, modifications for tram type T-3 and Ringhoffer
  • Pikku for tram stop markings, depot, automated ticket taker, lots of other modeling, and guidence and support on this project
  • Jirkovi T. for modeling the tram Vario
  • Vladovi (author of Ostravian MSTS) for help and patience in the begenning of the project
  • Vrbamovi for modeling the Astry and the Tria and for guidence mentorship.
  • Luďovi for guidence on Olomouc trams and DPMO
  • Honzovi D. for assistance in the tram operations and the help
  • Mikuldovi for help and assistance with the light and turn signal for T-3 trams
  • Martensovi for help and modeling the Ringhoffer cabin
  • Pavlovi Matouškovi (Matesovi) for the outstanding modeling of tram power poles and lots of other modeling
  • Jirkovi Polákovi for the super tram signs and signals for the route
  • Stanovi for assistance in the creation of the activities (aquired route plans) and for photographs of trams to be used for building textures
  • PepeQ for beatiful models of trees
  • Jackovi for tram sounds
  • Rudolf H for english language support (translations)
  • Šárce for english language support (translations)
  • And everyone else, who helped, with guidence and critique, and other assistance


Jenda MSTS © 2010 Všechna práva vyhrazena / All rights reserved

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